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Sunrise Teak

Defective Teak Decking 1" x 6" x 7'

Defective Teak Decking 1" x 6" x 7'

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100% Tectona Grandis.  Teak Decking for your outdoor and indoor needs.  Sunrise Teak decking is hand selected and processed to ensure each piece meets quality assurance and provides ease of installation.

Defective Quality Explained
Defective Quality has been separated from our Ultra, Premium and Standard Categories.  Items may have a dead knot, include damage in shipping, splintered edges or other defects that do not affect the overall use of the wood, but require additional craftsmanship to correct the damage edge, top, side, corners, etc.  100% utilization of this material cannot be guaranteed.  This material may require some cutting or trimming.  Ideal material for small finishes or edges.

Moisture content​ KD: 10-12%

Dimensions: 1" x 6" x 7' (25mm x 150mm x 2.13m) Actual: 0.75" x 5.70" x 7' (19mm x 145mm x 2.13m)

Key characteristics:

  • Wide-Format Decking
  • Natural Teak Finish
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